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dont read this.. because that would be a waste of time.. - a look into the mind of Mental [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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dont read this.. because that would be a waste of time.. [Feb. 19th, 2005|01:19 am]
i wrote this on myspace.. but i figured i could spread it a little further by placing it here...
that and i really have nothing better to do seeing as it is now almost 130 in the morning..

i was just wondering.. if i made a bullshit myspace account.. slapped some scantaly clad sluty girls pic on it... then posted about how much of a ditzy bitch i was.. but promised sex to anyone i met... how many people would send me messages.... i could write a reashearch paper on it... hahaha... im tired.. actually im not.. but i should be.. i cant sleep.. i have tried.. nothing to do.... i also wonder if i get some idiots showing his sixpack type picture... posted about how much of an asshole.. cool popular person i was.... who liked to drink, smoke, drive around in my little hot rod car, hit up clubs, and have sex with women who ment nothing to me... how many people would want to add me as a friend then...? kinda stupid how people say they want to meet the right type of people.. but are hell bent on makeing sure they only associate with the wrong ones.. i love when women say " i want to meet a guy who treats me right, and is nice.. blah blah blah.." but dont make the effort... when they meet that guy hes not good enough... because they are afraid he just might be.... look down on people because your to caught up in the drama society presses upon your feeble minds to see someon for who they are... and you know what.. ten years from now.. every thing will turn around..it will be jerks like that flipping burgers.. and the people they treated like crap living it up.. happily married to the love of their lives... and all of the drama wont matter then.. but what about now.. what if we died tommorrow? what if you never got another chance... but wht the hell do i know.. im just some stupid 16 year old college student who hasnt slept in days... clicking away at the keyboard. writing messages to no one in particular.... but what if i died tommorrow? would you of said everything you wanted to to me... would you of left an appology.. or a thank you out of the picture.. what if you died tommorrow? never had gotten over the drama? treated someone like shit because they were different... but hey.. in ten years it wont matter... so why bother... not like reading this will change your life... so why even bother typing it.. i dunno no point.. just didnt have anything else to do i guess...

From: ex_meghanka
2005-03-15 10:55 pm (UTC)
Rob, please promise me you won't let anything make me die tomorrow.
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